Ambitions of Colors

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the newly refurbished and if I may say so myself, a new version of Love for 10969! We have been on hiatus for quite a while, but please do bare with me and Jillanie. We also have our work scheds to consider and I was indeed waiting for my personal blog to go on its own transition before I moved on with this one. The time has also given me some space for thinking as to what the next update will entail and how I can shake you guys up for Love for 10969.

Let’s first talk about the layout and the story behind it.

This is actually the light version of Autumn Sky’s current layout and the very reason I picked the light colored layout over the dark version is because I want you guys to consider the layout as a canvass. A blank canvass just waiting to be filled with colors, namely the stories you got of ONE OK ROCK and why this band is so inspiring to you guys. The title “Ambitions of Colors” is a word play from the band’s newest album “Ambitions” and one of the album’s top songs “We Are” where the band calls the people (or in my opinion, the fans), “colors in the dark.” I tried to stay true to the font of the album but that’s the closest I can get to. It matches anyway! Hahaha! I almost made the background yellow to match the album, but… that would have been torture to you guys considering it will be blinding XDD.

The site is pretty much the same. I am still trying to put things into order. As you can see, there are parts that look like they are missing (ex. photos, links). Please give me time to sort everything out as it will take me a while to do so. The reason for this rearranging is because I moved the site back to my actual host before the domain issues for my blog last year. It saves me time, effort and mostly money.

There is one teeny addition on the main header which says “Forums”. Yup, I decided to make one for you guys! The place is still not open as I need to make sure the layout works (will be changing the layout on that still. just waiting for the file) and make sure my server doesn’t crash again when you guys try to log on. I’ll be announcing its official opening of the forum in the next coming days, but if you like to be a moderator for the forum or cite which stuff you like to be included in the site or whatever it may be, you can send me a tweet or a private message in our official Facebook page. You can also comment below for your ideas and I’ll take it into consideration.

I am also opening two extra slots for the international ONE OK ROCK fans who like to volunteer for Love for 10969 so we can feature more stories here. Jillanie has managed to convert most of our Google Forms entries from the contest, but we do lack international countries outside Asia so if you are from Europe, South America, North America, Australia or even Middle East and want to help us out, do feel free to send in your pitch to us!

Finally, if you guys have been watching out on Facebook or Twitter, we have already announced that the grand prize winner for our one year anniversary contest. To give you guys a summary, we received almost 342 entries since we started the contest in October and the turn out is quite immense that even I was overwhelmed with it. Our first winner is a chap called Albert from the Philippines and he will be receiving a copy of Ambitions and some randomly picked official goods selected by yours truly. His story will appear here soon, as soon as I get things in order here in the site (just some more photo rearranging and such) and after I have spoken to both him and the special prize winner.

Now, for the special prize winner, there has been a delay on this primarily because… we had to actually review the answers. If you guys have read our contest rules, this is a special section of the anniversary contest where you guys can answer an additional question “What does it take to be a ONE OK ROCK fan?” in a 250 word limit and win a special prize as well. The answers we got here are around 40 or so, but we had to eliminate those who didn’t follow the cut. The widget did cite there is a word limit so we had to be strict on this. I also asked a couple of judges to tally which one of the finalists made it to their cut after sorting out which ones followed the word limit and which answers should be considered. I have to admit the answers these guys made are all excellent and while they have certain similarities, each delivery was different which made it more special and difficult to judge.

After the deliberation of the judges, I like to announce that the main winner for the special prize is none other than Aira from the Philippines. She was featured here before (click this link) and have gotten the most number of votes from our judges. However, since the votes are close between her answer and two others and to be fairly honest, the answers of the second and third place winner were very good, I have decided to divide the special prize pack (Which would have been similar to the prize Albert would be receiving) and award each one accordingly based on their ranking. The second winner who garnered quite a support is Karla from Mexico and the third one is Breana from the US! I will be speaking to these girls soon alongside Albert once you guys internalize and find your way in this update. I will also be posting their answers and their stories once we all speak with each other and what not. I could also put in the finalist answers for you guys to see and let you see just how these finalists answered the question.

In my case, I would have answered “To be a ONE OK ROCK fan, you need to have loyalty, ambition, trust and faith to withstand every challenge both ONE OK ROCK and their fans have to face each time they get on stage or when they get into trouble or whatnot.” Sounds like a Miss Universe question. Hahahha!

With this all said, I congratulate all the winners, and I also thank you all for sticking by us. Expect more bangs in the next coming hours. Yep, got a lot of backlog to update and I have got to say this… these stories will keep coming!


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