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Yo minna!

Mei here yet again filling up our backlog. Lol, too much backlog is bad for one website. Hahaha!

ONE OK ROCK has made quite a bang when they went to Shanghai last year and if Taka’s words become true, Asia will be in their tour schedule this year. The Chinese fanbase of OOR is quite strong prior to the Shanghai performance and I must say, its a surprise to see that we have gotten this interview since I don’t know much people in the mainland. First for everything :))

Let’s check out Hin Lin’s ONE OK ROCK story right below!


Tell Us About Yourself

Name/Nickname: Hin Lin
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Location: China
Social Media URL:

Fans on ONE OK ROCK: First Stage
How did you get into this fandom?

When was the first time you heard about ONE OK ROCK?
Rurouni Kenshin

What song was it?
The Beginning

First impression you had about ONE OK ROCK?
really really good vocals

From the time you first heard them to now, what is your favorite song from ONE OK ROCK and why?
Decision. It has a deep meaning and its a song that reaches out to the youth

Did you start collecting ONE OK ROCK merchandise since you first listened to them?

Which ONE OK ROCK Member do you love the most?

Why him or them? If you picked two or more, you need to highlight why you like them.
His charisma on stage is very natural. He never fails to give hype and keeping his crowd going.


Doing anything fan related for ONE OK ROCK?

What kind of fan work are you doing?
Fan art

For fanart/fanfiction/covers: Tell us about your works and how did ONE OK ROCK inspire you to do it?
ahhh I’m a really art inclined person I express my love for anything through art so yeah .

To who in ONE OK ROCK are you dedicating your works?

Other works you want us to feature? Put the links here!

For fanpages, what is your URL?!

Tell us something about your page!
Blog for taka

Have you met other fans through your fanpages?

How was your ONE OK ROCK live experience?

Have you watched them live?

Where do you plan to watch them next?
Their next concert for sure !

Your Ideal ONE OK ROCK live? (ex. ideal setlist, performing bands, etc.)
Probably when OOR is in Japan performing.

Opinions Corner!
We will ask you some opinions on usual trends on ONE OK ROCK now.

What’s your current impression with how the band is going now?
Though they’re getting love from fans globally, I think the band is still trying to adjust from culture changes because they’re from Japan and Western culture is a lot lot different from theirs so I think they’re still a bit insecure and trying to fit into the Western culture thus they can’t be their own selves and that’s actually sad seeing them change their own style ):

What’s your opinion about fans leaving the ONE OK ROCK fandom because of various factors? (Ex. the release of 35XXXV, tour scheds, collabs)
What’s best for them is their decision (;

What do you wish for ONE OK ROCK to do next? (ex. music changes, collaborations, hair styles, etc).
Go back to their own crazy Japanese style !

The Most Important Questions
You shouldn’t miss these!

Has ONE OK ROCK changed your life?

Why/Why not?
Their songs are inspiring especially for the youth.

If ONE OK ROCK should find this response from our site, what would you like to tell them?

Keep inspiring people through your beautiful music !!


ONE OK ROCK is indeed going global and so are we!

Next week, I’ll be sorting out our Philippine backlog before we feature those overseas and our main winners from the contest! We do need to get this backlog empty before some more backlog adds up!


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