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Yo minna

Mei here once again to fill you up with more ONE OK ROCK stories here for Love for 10969. For the next coming updates, as noted in the previous update, we will be featuring the Philippine stories before we focus on the winners and the foreign stories. We have those lined up for you guys so watch out for it.

For today’s update, we’ll be checking out the story of quirky Mia and how her ONE OK ROCK story happened to grow ūüôā


Tell Us About Yourself

Name/Nickname: Mia
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Location: Philippines
Social Media URL: @quirkabilities on IG

Fans on ONE OK ROCK: First Stage
How did you get into this fandom?

When was the first time you heard about ONE OK ROCK?
I discovered them through the Rurouni Kenshin movies.

What song was it?
Mighty Long Fall

First impression you had about ONE OK ROCK?
They sound awesome! And wow, his [Taka’s] English is pretty good (especially considering he’s ¬†Japanese)

From the time you first heard them to now, what is your favorite song from ONE OK ROCK and why?
Wow, that’s a tough question! My favorite varies depending on my mood, but the song that is¬†consistently in my “Top Faves” list would be Kagerou. I like the story in the lyrics. Also, it’s the first straight Japanese song that I memorized.

Did you start collecting ONE OK ROCK merchandise since you first listened to them?

If yes, can you tell us what they are?
mostly shirts and keychains

Where do you usually buy your merch?
Local merch sellers

Which ONE OK ROCK Member do you love the most?
Taka, Toru, Tomoya, Ryota

Why him or them? If you picked two or more, you need to highlight why you like them.
I figure it’s nearly impossible to have just one favorite. All the guys are awesome and bring¬†something unique to the band’s identity.

Doing something inspired by ONE OK ROCK? You can skip this if its not applicable to you guys!

Doing anything fan related for ONE OK ROCK?

What kind of fan work are you doing?
Fan art

For fanart/fanfiction/covers: Tell us about your works and how did ONE OK ROCK inspire you to do it? (include URLs of your works)
I actually got on IG because of the band. I was overwhelmingly inspired by them during their concert that I really wanted to thank them. I admit that I rarely do fan art, but I made it a point
to make at least a few pieces in honor of the band. Here they are:

To who in ONE OK ROCK are you dedicating your works?
Honestly, all of them. I appreciate the band as a whole.

Tell us something about your page!
My IG account is a collection of quirky things that I like/make

Have you met other fans through your fanpages?

How was your ONE OK ROCK live experience?

Have you watched them live?

If yes, where and when?

Can you tell us all about that live? First impressions, the experience, did you meet ONE OK ROCK up close in person?
It was the first ever concert that I attended, and I absolutely loved it! It was an exhilarating¬†experience and pretty much wished it wouldn’t end! I was amazed with how they sounded live;¬†they sounded as good, if not better, than their recordings. I wish I could’ve met the band in¬†person, but the mere experience of having been part of the historic concert.

Where do you plan to watch them next?
When they come back for another concert! (Yes, I’m hoping!)

Your Ideal ONE OK ROCK live? (ex. ideal setlist, performing bands, etc.)
I’m not really good with arranging playlists, but I’d be a really happy fangirl if they included any¬†or all of the following:
The Beginning
Mighty Long Fall
Cry Out
Living Dolls
Be the Light
Deeper Deeper
Take Me to the Top
Wherever You Are
Clock Strikes
Nobody’s Home
Konzatsu Communication
The Way Back…
[I might end up listing most of their songs… So, I guess I’ll just say, I’d be happy just to see¬†them perform live again.]

Opinions Corner!
We will ask you some opinions on usual trends on ONE OK ROCK now. You can skip this section if you don’t want us to post your answers.

What’s your current impression with how the band is going now?
Like a lot of fans, I would like to keep loving and supporting the band. However, I also admit that it has been a challenging lately, especially with how they are adapting American culture. I
think fans have loved how their music has been a unique balance between cultures, and that¬†we’re now rather worried about how the said balance could be upset by their acculturation.
Maybe they are currently just going through a phase or a slightly misguided interpretation of¬†Western culture, but it still is rather controversial. Still, I try to respect their choices; they have¬†the freedom to experiment with their style and their image because they are the band after all.¬†But as a fan, I mainly follow the music. And so, as long as they make songs that appeal to me, I¬†am a happy fan girl. But even if they don’t (and Fate forbid it would be so), I think I have enough¬†love and respect for their previous work to think of them fondly (even if in retrospect) and to¬†believe they would eventually find a way back to the level of awesomeness that I’ve appreciated this far.

What’s your opinion about fans leaving the ONE OK ROCK fandom because of various factors? (Ex. the release of 35XXXV, tour scheds, collabs)
Admittedly, it is a sad thing for fans to leave the fandom, but it would be sadder to have people¬†pretend to be fans of something they don’t/no longer appreciate. I think being a fan is a choice that means one is genuinely supporting/appreciating something. As such, I also believe each¬†of us is free to follow through on our choice to support the band (or not).

What do you wish for ONE OK ROCK to do next? (ex. music changes, collaborations, hair styles, etc).
I hope they keep making awesome music (hopefully without losing too much of their Japanese identity).
[And this, admittedly stems from a personal bias in which I believe Taka looked most awesome¬†around the time of “Mighty Long Fall” (the music video to the live at Yokohama Stadium):] It¬†would probably also be nice if they could be a little more decisive with their hairstyles; at the¬†rate they are going, they may rival the weather when it comes to fickleness. Haha!

The Most Important Questions
You shouldn’t miss these!

Has ONE OK ROCK changed your life?

Why/Why not?
There are times when their music is so “relatable” that I’ve felt more inspired and less alone. It¬†never ceases to amaze me how, even if they don’t really know me, it’s like they do know my
heart. I am ever grateful for their music and passion that gives inspiration and that makes life (more) bearable.

If ONE OK ROCK should find this response from our site, what would you like to tell them?
Of the thousand or so things I could say, I think I’ll narrow it down to this:
3) Remember: Your fans love you, respect you, and want to keep supporting you.
[And though this isn’t really my place to say it, I’d still say :]
4) Make the most of your experiences, but remember to take care of yourselves
5) It’s your lives and your choices, but in the end please never forget who you really are.
[And as a bonus:]
– What is up with the hairstyles, seriously?! (I’m still a fan of the hairstyles from the time of¬†“Mighty Long Fall“… but maybe that’s just me.) Haha!


Mei says she needs to sort out a way on showing this thank you letter for ONE OK ROCK :))

More stories from the Philippine Isles in the next update!!


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