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My network’s getting bigger thanks to ONE OK ROCK. I’ve exchanged Tweets with quite a number of people already and one of them is Aleli. I noticed that she’s liking my Tweets and doing RT’s of these ONE OK ROCK related posts. So one day I decided to say hello and thank her for that. She was quick to respond and told me we share the same passion for ONE OK ROCK. Then I thought, why not interview her for Love for 10969? The interview suddenly turned into a long, fangirling sesh which I really enjoyed by the way. I found out later on that we are of the same age and are both mommies. Her job requires her to commute for at most two hours (Bulacan to Makati) and according to her she loves the time spent in transit listening to music especially ONE OK ROCK She also does OOR fanart, some of them she shares with us for this feature.


Question 1: How did you find out about ONE OK ROCK & when was the first time you heard them?

Honestly it was 2013 that’s the year the first Rurouni was shown right? I was telling husband that it was cool they got an American band to cover the OST. I was really surprised. The only Japanese singer I know who sounds American is Utada [Hikaru]. Well she is American.

Question 2: What is your favorite ONE OK ROCK song and why?

Clock Strikes and Cry Out. Because both songs require participation from the audience. Can u hear the voices screaming?

Question 3: Since you’ve been a fan since 2013, do you collect OOR merch? Which ones do you have? If you haven’t purchased any what would you want to have, like, to start the collection?

I go to toy cons and buy items. I wish I can buy a physical CD but there is just no seller or music company selling. I am thinking about buying from iTunes even if I can only play it on my PC. I would like to buy a live DVD of their old live shows in Japan. To kind of rediscover “Vintage OOR.” For now we can only listen to Spotify and dropped the old songs. 🙁

The face of ONE OK ROCK

Question 4: Who is your favorite ONE OK ROCK member and why?
I used to love Taka. I still do. I think he is an awesome performer. No one comes close to his charisma…But I love Toru right now. And I am determined to name my next son Toru. I like mysterious types. Hehehe I love his old soul vibe. He is young but determined and focused. Tall and handsome of course!

Question 5: How did ONE OK ROCK change your life?
I love the Message of their songs. Hope and not giving up (most of themes). And I love coming back to Jpop after being crazy of Kpop in the last few years. There is life after Kpop.

Question 6: What was your reaction when you found out they will come January 2016? Any expectations? And how was your journey to it?
Are you kidding???? I twitted about it a month before Pulp announced it. And lo and behold. I was super excited. But I had second thoughts about buying tickets. I always missed SM Tickets hours. Was I crazy enough for them? I was thinking maybe I shouldn’t. Then I realized later September that I really wanted to go. Honestly I still had second thoughts about it but I went ahead purchased online via SM Tickets.

Very contradictory right? We bought the cheapest. But in realization I should have bought the 2nd cheapest. But I am determined to be VIP next time. With hubby of course.

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Aleli’s caricature dedicated to ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila

Question 7: How was the concert for you (being #teamlowerbox)?

It was so fun. You could see the whole arena jumping. Everyone is also partying there. I was kind of scared the bleachers will fall down because of the jumping! The energy was as heavy as in the VIP area. I was happy seeing all these POORs in one big arena.

Oh no! It was my happiest concert ever. I thought I would lose my voice from all the screaming but only my ears hurt. I had PCD ever since. I usually find myself daydreaming about it. When the crowd backed up with Clock Strikes and Cry Out. We were the best!!!

Question 8: Do you have any message for ONE OK ROCK if ever they get the chance to see this interview? 🙂
Oor, I love you, and your music. I pray the whole world knows about you. I hope you become bigger than 1D! Continue spreading awesomeness. You are all amazing individually. Continue making inspiring music and can’t wait to love you still in our later years. I can’t wait for what the future has for us fans and for you.


No one’s too young or too old to be fangirling. Life is short. Live life to the fullest!


  • Aleli Baluyut (@alelibaneli)


    Thank you Jillanie There you go, I called you Jillanie. I enjoyed the fangirl sesh had. I had a breather while at work for a while. And I couldn’t agree more on the pics you chose. Arigato gozaimashita!

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    Yeah that’s my full first name. (。>﹏<。) I enjoy all convos with OOR kazoku! I hope I was able to help you decide where to buy your merch.

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