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We’re rounding up this week’s update with another Manila story before me and Jillanie go jetsetting off to other countries for Love for 10969… ah, if only we can actually do these interviews personally and in these countries! A dream I like to do one of these days!

Anywho, today on Fans on ONE OK ROCK, we introduce Christine. She and I first got connected through Twitter and pretty much thats due to the fact I try to help out fans with their inquiries regarding ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila. Eventually she is also one of the few who answered the survey in Philippines ONE OK ROCKers regarding their stories so here is her sent answers right here. This story is quite something so best read it all guys!


When and how did you first hear about OOR?

Answer: Last year, October 25, I was going to search for a song called I’ll Be Back by Da-iCE in Youtube. Since I don’t know the song’s title, I typed the lyrics in the search engine instead. After that, ONE OK ROCK’s The Way Back appeared in the results. That’s when I discover how awesome OOR is. I heard of this band before but I never listened to their songs. I suddenly remembered my co-member in CLSU Society for the Advancement of Japanese Arts and Culture who is a huge fan of OOR. She really likes the band so much. I got curious and I clicked the play button. Since I’m a fan of rock music, I like the song immediately. When I first heard Taka’s voice, I was hypnotized. I fell in love with them. In just one click, I instantly became a fan. Even my sister, who doesn’t listen to rock music, likes them. I don’t easily become a fan of a certain band but ONE OK ROCK is different. They have this very catchy music that I won’t even bother to listen to everytime. I downloaded their songs from the latest album to the oldest. Since then, my day wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t listen to their songs. Even though I cannot understand their Japanese songs, my heart tells me that it can perceive the meaning of those. I am studying Nihongo right now so that I can be able to communicate with Taka, Toru, Ryota, and Tomoya using their language if I’ll be given a chance to meet and talk to them.

Fav song and why?

Answer: That’s a very hard question since I love all of their songs. But if it’s really necessary to pick one, I’ll choose The Beginning. When I first heard the song, I had it playing over and over and over in my head. The song also tells me to not give up on my dreams and despite your frustrations in life, there’s still a chance for you to succeed.

Do you have merch of OOR?

Answer: Yes. I have a beanie that I bought in the merch booth on the day of their concert. Too bad, I wasn’t able to buy the shirt due to my limited budget. But once I graduated from college and started earning money, I’ll buy all of their albums and official merch online!

Favorite band member and why?

Answer: Takahiro Moriuchi because he’s so freaking handsome! His voice is so mesmerizing and I really admire him. He was the guy of my dreams. His life was so inspiring that makes me want to achieve all my dreams in life. I do believe that he’s a kind and very sweet person. When I searched his life story on the internet, I realized how strong and independent he is. Right now, one of my dreams is to have a selfie with him. I really love this guy. I’m always staring at his pictures and watching his funny videos on Youtube. I’d still be in love with this guy even if he’s not famous. It’s really hard to fall for a person who doesn’t even know that you exist. I know, I can never have him as my husband. Sad story. (T^T)

Has OOR changed your life? How?

Answer: Yes. They helped me to become a better person. I was saved by their grace. I’ve been through a lot of pain and sadness. There comes a time that I wished I never existed. But when I met ONE OK ROCK, everything changed. Whenever I get sad, I’ll just listen to Be The Light and everything will be okay. I learned that no matter how chaotic and uncertain this world maybe, you have to look at the positive side. Because of them, I want to continue my dream to become a band vocalist even though I’m not good in singing. ONE OK ROCK also inspired me to do a lot of things. As a student, there comes a time that I got a failing score in one of my exams because I was too lazy to review. But now, I’m pushing myself to study hard because I want to graduate on time so that I could watch their concert in Japan and  help my family, as well. They also taught me how to save money. I was a spendthrift back then but because of my willingness to watch their concert, I started saving money. I never imagined that I could save four hundred pesos a week! Actually, I didn’t tell my parents that I’m going to OOR’s concert because I know they’ll just disagree. I still remember the time when my father saw the news about the fans of EXO waiting for them to arrive in the airport. My father said to my little sister, “Kayo, wag niyong pag-aaksahayan ng pera ‘yung mga walang kwentang lalaki na ‘yan.” I laughed because he doesn’t know that I just watched the concert of my favorite band but I felt guilty ‘coz I lied to my parents. But I think it’s not that bad. Some people are wasting money on their vices while I’m wasting mine on a band who changed my outlook in life. I don’t know the outcome of things if I didn’t meet ONE OK ROCK.

Reaction on the announcement of the concert (aka, your ticket story, please note your ticket section. Also add your prior expectations before the concert)

Answer: I’m not yet a fan of ONE OK ROCK when they announced that they will be having their very first concert here in the Philippines. Back then, I often see posts of my Facebook friends saying that they’re so excited in their upcoming concert. I just ignore them that time because I’m not yet a fan. But when I declared that I’m officially an OOR fan, Senpai May invited me to watch their concert. Without hesitation, I said yes. There were five of us who were going to watch the concert and we decided to buy Lowebox C tickets. I’ve never been to a concert before so I don’t know what to expect. I do hope that OOR will play their old songs such as Answer is Near and Yokubou ni Michi ta Seinendan. OMG. I really love those songs.

Your January 19 experience

Answer: I didn’t sleep the night before the concert because of excitement. It was the very first concert that I’m going to attend. I’m so excited because it’s not just an ordinary concert, it’s the concert of my favorite band! All my weariness and drowsiness fade away when I saw them entered the stage. I was like, “OMG. Is this real? Am I dreaming?” I cannot put into words the happiness I’ve felt that night. It was superb! I can’t believe that I finally saw my favorite band (and the guy of my dreams) in person! They never failed to amuse me. They were so amazing! Taka made me fall in love with him even more. His voice is the same as what I hear in their studio albums. Toru is as hot as hell. Tomoya is super duper cute and Ryota’s abs is asdfghjkl! I cried when Taka promised that they are going back to the Philippines. Until now, I really can’t believe that I finally saw them perform live. That’s the very first time that I experienced that kind of happiness. I promised to myself that it’s not the first and last concert of ONE OK ROCK that I’m going to attend. It was a very awesome experience. January 19 is definitely one of the best days of my life!  Right now, I’m saving money for #ONEOKROCKLiveinManila part 2 so that I can buy VIP tickets.

Message to ONE OK ROCK

Answer: Hi, ONE OK ROCK! I’m very thankful because I met you guys. Please continue writing songs that can change people’s lives. Your music really inspires me to reach my dreams in life. Thank you for coming to the Philippines. Please come back soon. I love you, ONE OK ROCK. I love you, Taka. No matter what happens, I’ll always be here to support you until the end of time.


ONE OK ROCK, if only you guys can see these stories! I am seeing a trend here! Best come back in Manila when you can!!!


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