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We’re back in Manila! Wow, been ages since i last posted here and boy oh boy someone apologizes for the delay. As noted in the previous entry, some changes will occur here in Love for 10969 and I’m starting to work on it for you guys. Yeah, I love you guys loads so we’re picking up the pace here!~

For today’s Love for 10969: The Fan Chronicles and other titles I thought of, we’re going to talk to the current head administrator of ONE OK ROCK Wikia Devin. Devin is from the Philippines and for ONE OK ROCK fans, the ONE OK ROCK Wikia is something you would never miss if you want to know something about the foursome and their current details.

I managed to speak to Devin when he invited me to like his page (Which I did) and here is what happened


Q1. When was the first time you heard about ONE OK ROCK and what song was it?

That was 2013(I don’t remember the exact date) and I was searching about the BLACK ROCK SHOOTER:THE GAME. I saw its trailer in youtube and i was amazed but not in the video. its theme song was the one who catches my attention and that song was NO SCARED. then i discovered that same day that it was a one ok rock song, so i searched about them and here i am now a fan.

What was your initial perspective of them? First impression?

I started watching their MVs in youtube and i was like “wow they are so good!”. They have this unique style that you can only hear from j-rock

Q2. Favorite song from them so far and why?

That would be “Memories”, because its beat and taka’s strong voice caught my ear

Q3. Who in ONE OK ROCK do you love the most and why him?

Tomoya, because he is always positive and I like that kind of attitude.

Q4. Tell me something about ONE OK ROCK Wiki and how did you get started with it?

In january 2014, i was searching about one ok rock when i saw this website and i check on it. I discovered a lot of things about the band and its members but it seems that it is not active. So i started adding information to the article pages there. After right after that, i received a message from its founder and ask me to become an admin. i took his offer to become an admin to the both website and fb page. I started my duties as an admin and now here i am

any ups and downs of being admin to the site? any negative comments?

No, it didn’t happened. It worked just fine i guess. Indeed, i meet new friends and i learned more about the band members everytime i post their IG pics in the fb page

Any future plans in expanding the site?

Yes, one of those plan is that i will promote the site here in fb and twitter. To expand the fan community in the site. (It is a wikipedia dedicated for one ok rock made by fans for fans)

Q5. When did you first see them live? Any details?

Yes in the Philippines. That was january 19,2016 if i am not mistaken.

Your story and your reaction when it was announced?

My friend was the one who bought my tickets. Oh my reaction, hahahaha! That was the most epic! The day before the announcement. My friend ask me:
F- when do you think oor will visit our country and have a concert?
Me- oh i think that will be in 2017.
F- 2017?!! Why do you think so??
Me- well because their fan base is not that so huge here. I mean look at us, we are the only oor fans in the whole school.
F- i will wait for it
Me- me too
The next day:
Me- *saw the announcement
i was like WTF!!!!!
I better get my money!!!!!!!!!!!

Q6. How did the concert go for you?

I was in the vip seated. i don’t remember some things that happened (understandable, there were things that would slip the mind- Mei)

The concert work just fine and awesome, except for some fans bullying the none fans near us. Because when the time ONE OK ROCK sang Heartache, we fans already know what to do but the non-fans do not.(raising the phone)

And the fans were like “why are they here,they are not even fans”. But those non fans just wanted to have fun right, they just wanted to meet OOR. But my overall experience is great

Q7. What do you want to see in part 2?

I want the flame throwing thing like what they did in yokohama stadium! I want to see that! aside from more songs to be performed in acoustic, i want them to show more things the fans has given on stage. I think thats all

Q8. Message to ONE OK ROCK.

ONE OK ROCK! You are the best! Stay united and passionate! Thank you very much for making us fans very happy! We love you and always take care! – Devin
PS – Taka, you should stop bullying Tomoya bruh.


Nice story from Devin ladies and gentlement and in good time too because its the 6th monthsary since that concert occurred!

As a public service help to my fellow ONE OK ROCK Fan, Devin is also looking for admins to help him out in the page. If you wish to be included in that super cool place, here is the current ad:

Good day everyone!
We are now hiring 2 new admins for our FB Page ONE OK ROCK Wiki!
Here are the requirements:
– Can speak in English fluently.
– Still in Junior High School. (The reason is, when you get in College, you will be busy to manage the Page.)
We accept what ever your nationality is. Thank you and have a nice day! ^_^

If you are interested in joining the Wiki page, check out their official Facebook page ^^

On the next update? Hmm, still in Asia. But where though?



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