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Let me be the first to say…. Happy ONE YEAR anniversary to Love for 10969!

I cannot believe that it has been one year since I made this place after the ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila madness hit the airwaves in the country.

For those who do not know, Love for 10969 or the Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews was actually made for the ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila media spiel I did. The idea was just a random thought in my end one October night and just so happens, one of my friends – whom I got very close with due to the concert – happened to have given me the idea and she ended up as the first victim. As the stories grew, I decided to make a separate site for these stories and get the stories from around the world. The concept sounds like a testimonial page but heck, if ONE OK ROCK sees it, the main goal has been achieved!

In light of the celebrations and to thank you guys for supporting us, Love for 10969 is hosting a contest!

The contest guidelines are very simple and here they are below:

    1. This is open to all ONE OK ROCK fans worldwide
    2. Previous featured fans in both the original wave (as located in Akimitsu) and here in Love for 10969 (those whose stories are already published) are allowed to join (save for those who will receive advance notice from Mei given her relationship to these fans)
    3. Contest entries can be done in the Gleam widget we will be using.
    4. Please follow all the instructions as cited because any incomplete and incorrect answers will not be accepted
    5. All posts will be reviewed, including those who will be submitting videos, photos and other related fan content in the Love for 10969 form to ensure original content
    6. For fans who will be entering via Facebook, Twitter and Google+, we will double check if you have indeed followed us coz if you don’t and you win, you invalidate your winnings
    7. Fans must input their correct details, especially their e-mails or social media accounts because we will be speaking with you guys directly should you win
    8. Fans who will be answering the Love for 10969 form will be double checked and featured in the website as normal
    9. For the part “Have you been featured before?”, this is meant for those who have their stories already posted in Love for 10969
    10. Fans are allowed to answer in their native languages if English is not your main language. We will be asking our friends to translate it for us if necessary
    11. Two people will win the contest. The first winner – the grand prize winner – will be selected randomly by Gleam’s system and the second winner will be selected by Mei, Jillanie and the panel of judges which will be announced later on
    12. The grand winner will win three authentic ONE OK ROCK merch picked by yours truly 🙂
    13. The second winner will win two authentic ONE OK ROCK merch picked by yours truly. This winner will be selected based on the answers for the main question of the contest: What does it take to be a ONE OK ROCK fan?
    14. Any deviations or additions to the contest guidelines will be announced accordingly if there will be suggestions or comments from fans
    15. Contest will run from October 16, 2016 to December 30, 2016 11:59 pm Philippine Standard Time (the dates of the original series). The application will stop accepting entries after this time and e-mail entries will not be accepted
    16. The announcement of winners will be on January 19, 2017, the one year anniversary of ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila and will be announced through the Facebook page and here in the website

Please do note that this is a fan run contest! I don’t want to hear that people are claiming this is an official contest

Here is the app you need to check to earn your entries!

Love for 10969 Anniversary Contest

Now that is all done, are you with us?

  • Nicole


    Have you received my entry? coz i dont know if it was sent or been deleted 😢 thank you in advance

    • kythe

      Hey Nicole, is it the entry for the contest? We don’t see the names of those who joined the contest as we also want to be surprised with the results. But you might be there already. You can try again using the e-mail you used as it will reflect if the widget received your entry. – Mei

  • Mari


    I also send a message, I mean I answered the love for 10969 form 🙂 I dont know also if it was sent. But I hope it reached you.

    • kythe

      Heya Mari, I saw your form answer so no worries. Although you have sent it twice according to this. – Mei

  • Mari


    Thanks! I’ll wait to get featured. 🙂

    • kythe

      You will be featured, as for the date, that’s still a big question 🙂 We have quite a backlog so we will work on that ^^v We will keep you guys updated so follow the page, twitter or just regularly visit this site to see if we already placed your story!

  • Samantha Ree


    I have a suggestion in regards with choosing the winners. It’ll be fair in my opinion if the ‘grand winner is the one selected by the panel of judges based on the main question’ and the second winner will be ‘the one randomly chosen by gleam widget’. Fans will surely compose great answers on that main question and their answers will somehow be pointless if the grand winner is “randomly” chosen by an app. Also, if you have more entries than you expected, as you’ve said on your Facebook page, you can increase the number of winners that will be chosen, and the gleam widget will be great in choosing that winners. This are all my recommendation. I hope you can consider the thought I am pointing out. Hihi 🙂

    • kythe

      Hmm, a great suggestion but alas, I cannot make an immediate change yet considering we just started the competition last Sunday. I will make an announcement for the changes of prize winners once we hit 500+ entries. So far we’re around 200 so I cannot decide on that yet.

      I have already seen some of the answers for the main question and it seems everyone does have a great idea about it as their answers are succinct and straight to the point. As it stands, for me the reason for the main prize to be selected by Gleam is because that is like our thank you to the fans who support Love for 10969 so I do not mind the current arrangement. The second winner is a second way for you guys to win and an extra challenge.

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