Love for OOR in Mexico

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Konnichao Minna!

Mei here once again for Love for 10969 and we’re starting off with the love with this one!

Mexico has been a part of ONE OK ROCK’s Latin America Tour back in 2014 and there is quite a fanbase there for the group. One of them is 21 year old Karla. Karla is one of the special prize winners for our contest and her answer for Miss-U ish question is this:

I think you must follow all those things they keep telling us in their shows and in their music like: don’t give up and most importantly fight for our dreams so that we can walk side by side with them in that fight. Also it does not matter if you do not know them since the beginning, it does not matter how many years you have been in the fandom but to enjoy their music and understand those feelings they want to show even if we do not speak the same language and no matter where we are, because their music is what drive us together

A very interesting answer is it not? Check out more about Karla’s ONE OK ROCK story down below!


Tell Us About Yourself

Name/Nickname: Karla
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Location: Mexico
Social Media URL: @karlaml_259 on IG

Fans on ONE OK ROCK: First Stage
How did you get into this fandom?

When was the first time you heard about ONE OK ROCK?
in 2012

What song was it?

First impression you had about ONE OK ROCK?
“I don´t know what they´re saying but this band is awesome!! I need more of them!!”

From the time you first heard them to now, what is your favorite song from ONE OK ROCK and why?
It´s difficult because it´s always changing but right now I think is “Living Dolls” because somehow it makes me feel good and relaxed and the music is full of feelings and I love the lyrics

Did you start collecting ONE OK ROCK merchandise since you first listened to them?

Where do you usually buy your merch?
Amazon Japan/HMV/Tsutaya/Tower Records

Which ONE OK ROCK Member do you love the most?
Toru and Ryota

Why him or them? If you picked two or more, you need to highlight why you like them.
Toru because how determined he was to make the band and specially with Taka, he really worked hard and also even though he is very serious he´s a super kind and polite guy so he inspires me a lot!

And Ryota because he inspired me too, when I read that he thought he wasn´t good enough for the band but now he have improved so much!!

Doing something inspired by ONE OK ROCK? 

Doing anything fan related for ONE OK ROCK?

What kind of fan work are you doing?
Fan art

For fanart/fanfiction/covers: Tell us about your works and how did ONE OK ROCK inspire you to do it? 
well I keep making drawings of them hoping they someday will see them and like them! I love drawing so it´s a good practice drawing them everywhere haha so here are some of my drawings on my instagram and fanfics because I also like writing a lot so writing about them its awesome. Here are the ones I have wrote in wattpad

To who in ONE OK ROCK are you dedicating your works?
to all of them, I write and draw about the four of them

Other works you want us to feature? Put the links here!

For fanpages, what is your URL?!

Solo para One Ok Rock’ers

Tell us something about your page!
it´s a fanpage for mostly Latin American fans (or fans that speak Spanish). We give information about the band, share pictures or videos and some funny images and stuff to have a good time

Have you met other fans through your fan pages?

How was your ONE OK ROCK live experience?

Have you watched them live?

If yes, where and when?
when they came on November 6, 2014

Can you tell us all about that live? First impressions, the experience, did you meet ONE OK ROCK up close in person?
Unfortunately I didn´t have the chance to meet them in person nor give them the drawings I made for them 🙁 but the live was awesome!! It also was my first time attending a concert so when the lights went out and hear Tomoya´s drums so powerful it felt awesome! I enjoyed so much that I didn’t mind being crushed by the crowd all the time. I´m short and I was almost at the front at Toru´s side, so I couldn´t see Tomoya or Ryota most of the time but anyway it was all worth it because hearing them live was the best thing ever and I still consider it the best day of my life! Time flew away and when it all ended I felt sad, I wanted more even though I was very tired of jumping and singing all songs like crazy…. Nobody believes me but I think my eyes met with Toru´s for a few seconds when he got near us during The Beginning haha maybe yes maybe not but anyway I like thinking that it actually happened. Taka talked a little in Spanish and it was funny haha actually he has a good pronunciation, also they threw some things to the crowd and I almost catch his towel but for my bad luck it flew behind me haha

Where do you plan to watch them next?
I´m still waiting for them to come back to Mexico, and I´m saving money so maybe one day I´ll go see them in Japan because it´s sooo much different there

Your Ideal ONE OK ROCK live? (ex. ideal setlist, performing bands, etc.)
Well my ideal setlist would be one where they play: Ketsuraku Automation, Jibun Rock, Kimishidai Ressha, Living Dolls, One by One, No Scared, Re:make, Liar, Deeper Deeper, Yume Yume (Yes! I want to hear your rap again Toru!!) and I´ll stop or I´m going to end up writing all songs haha. Well, actually I also really really want them to speak in Spanish haha…. mmm and I don´t know what else, maybe just watching them playing and enjoying the audience, their music, the crowd and everything while us sing with them and jump and enjoy to the fullest is what make a live an ideal live… and also I´d like to have a chance to meet them in person, and maybe catch a drummstick or a guitar pick would be great! xD

Opinions Corner!
We will ask you some opinions on usual trends on ONE OK ROCK now. 

What’s your current impression with how the band is going now?
Yes, they have changed but I guess it´s not that bad, anyway they weren´t a very HARD rock band, the things I don´t like is all those effects on Taka´s voice, I mean he is such a good singer he doesn´t need those things! and it distract us from the rest of the music it makes it noisy and make them sound like another typical American band of the bunch. But they´re doing it to be more recognized worldwide (which I think they deserve). I don’t totally agree or disagree with this change, I understand that it´s not easy fot them being Japanese and wanting to debut on U.S.A. and it´s not bad for a band to change a bit actually I think it makes their music fresh an interesting. But also are they doing this for their music´s sake and love for it or just to become more famous?? I just hope it´s for the first one…. so, their lastest songs I haven´t love them much as the old ones but I still like them, I feel they still have that “One Ok Rock thing” we love.

What’s your opinion about fans leaving the ONE OK ROCK fandom because of various factors? (Ex. the release of 35XXXV, tour scheds, collabs)
well, I can´t say it´s good or bad because you´re not forced to like ALL stuff a band has just because you like that band, I guess it also help that band tho realize which are the songs that people like and wich ones not, so if they leave OOR for their changes, it´s ok, they unfortunately have lost interest in them and they aren´t forced to stay in the fandom if they don´t like their music anymore. There are songs that I like least than others but I´m still here so it depends on the person. It´s sad that so many fans started to leave them but it can´t be helped, I´m sure each band have to pass through this at least once in their career

What do you wish for ONE OK ROCK to do next? (ex. music changes, collaborations, hair styles, etc).
if they play with Three Days Grace or Halestorm that would be great!! haha about their hair… naaah I don´t have a problem with that, they look cool with colorful hair xD and about changes hmmm.. I just want them to reach their goals and realize that all those anoying effects in their music aren´t that good for them hehe I also want them to do a worldwide tour, I really need them in my country again!!

The Most Important Questions
You shouldn’t miss these!

Has ONE OK ROCK changed your life?

Why/Why not?
Because I found them by chance when I was passing a sad moment in my life and their music always makes me feel better since then, and not only their music but each of them inspires me in so many ways. I also met so many great people (other fans) because of them and I´m proud of saying that they are my favorite band.

If ONE OK ROCK should find this response from our site, what would you like to tell them?

Well in that case:
Taka: your voice is amazing there´s no other like you, you have worked so hard! how does it feel when you look back to the days before OOR and see all the way you´ve walked through?? Thank you for accepting being the vocalist! Thank you for your words at lives and your lyrics. Keep working hard!

Ryota: you’re such an amazing person!! and very talented too! Im´glad you followed Toru in this adventure because One Ok Rock wouldn’t be the same without you! As I’ve said before, you’re very inspiring for me so keep working hard ´cause I will do it too!!

Tomoya: I always wanted to play the drums and you are an awesome drummer! I want to be like you! I´m glad that you met the others and became an important member of the band! You’re a super nice person always working hard and being all kind and all.

Toru: thank you so much for being so insistent with Taka haha thank you for creating the band, you´re an awesome guitarist! I admire your determination I wish I were like you! keep up the good work and I´m excited about what´s coming next!

ONE OK ROCK: just thank you for your music, thank your for never giving up even when things where difficult. I´ll be supporting you!! I´m sure you´re going to be even bigger than you are now!


Let’s hope Karla’s message for ONE OK ROCK rings true!

More stories to come very soon… I wonder where we will head on this time! I like to visit Mexico someday.

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    Karla got one of the best interviews. She sounds so mature and inspiring!

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