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Yo minna!

Well, we’re still working on the updates for this place and I must say, updating a big site like Love for 10969 can be tricky if you have work on the sideline. But hopefully the next coming month we will have some progress. Still have to do some features here and there and dig up those which were delayed.

Anyway! As part of the one year celebrations for Love for 10969, I decided to backtrack the first group of fans who made Love for 10969 possible. To give you a short history lesson, this place was built after the immediate success of my fan interviews for the 2016 Manila live.

I will feature these guys in intervals with the actual backlog we got so you guys will still have some intervals to look forward to 🙂

Our first backtrack guest is Kim, who amusingly is the first one I interviewed for the series. Check out her answers in our mini interview below!


How was it like meeting/experiencing ONE OK ROCK in Manila?

One of the highlights of my existence! Meeting them was unforgettable, but sadly I cannot recall some other bits and pieces of my memory what happened during the meet and greet because I was shocked! It may not be obvious to them, but deep down I was. And that live? DAMN! They killed it! ONE OK ROCK really does sound a million times better live.

Looking back at your answers from the first time I asked you, would there be any changes you like to make in it

No, I wouldn’t change a thing about my answers back then. Because those answers are the basis why I started out as a fan which leads me to where I am now – Still a die-hard fan 😀

ONE OK ROCK just released Ambitions, what are your thoughts on that?

I have to be very honest with this one haha. Ambitions is one of the best albums they’ve released. It may not be the best for some fans but I don’t really care about what they think. The best thing about it is that their songs are relatable to all audiences this time, which helps them gain more fans in the west since they’ve been intending to do that for a couple of years now. Bad thing about it? Hmmm…. The cover’s too bright HAHAHAHA XD

What else are you expecting ONE OK ROCK will do in the next coming months?

The release of their special live in Nagisaen DVD. I know it’s going to be released very soon. And they’d probably be touring the whole 2017 because they’re getting bigger. I hope they’d consider coming back to The Philippines soon though. Aside from that, I’m rooting for the possibility that they will play in Miss USA and perform ‘American Girls’ there.

Taka recently posted something in IG talking about the fans. What’s your stance on that one?

I feel sad for both. But I’m more on the boys’ side this time. Some fans should really respect their privacy because they’re human beings as well. They need some space too you know.

What do you like to say to ONE OK ROCK should they be facing you right now

Congratulations for making it this far Taka, Ryota, Tomoya, and Toru. You guys are the living proof that dreams really do come true if you just work hard and focus on your goals. I’m so happy you’re able to achieve them all and as a fan, I couldn’t be more proud. Thank you for being such and inspiration, not just to me but to all of us fans who love and support you. Just keep your feet on the ground with your head up high, and don’t let those trashy words break your hearts of gold. I love you ONE OK ROCK ❤️


Who will be the next person on the backtracking system hmm? I wonder….

Next update, we’ll be flying off to another country.. or something… Still looking for Jillanie’s missing siggy :))

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