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Hello everyone!!!

This is Mei and pretty much we’ved seen quite some traffic here since we got the updates on schedule! I’m so happy even if we are a bit slow on the updating. Hahaha! Live is like that Onion!

Anyway, I like to announce we will be putting the whole place on open hiatus for two weeks starting today until June 15, 12:00 am PHT. The reason for this is because we will be double checking if we missed anyone in our backlog since both Jillanie and I are busy to keep touch with our backlog and also organizing the site.

Organizing the site does have some benefits for both you guys and mine if I am to be asked. For the past few weeks, I have been considering of starting the book version of Love for 10969 since it is a target of mine to compile this and give a copy of all your words to ONE OK ROCK (Yeah, we’re that ambitious!). Since they are on a world tour now, the possibility of getting a chance to give this book to them is there so I need to organize things here and I must say the stories from both the First Wave and the current wave are a lot already!!

All updates regarding the site’s status will be published on Twitter as I always ramble there. As for the book idea, if you got any suggestions on how it should be like, what title should it be and if you want to help out with the fun, just send a message or comment below. I am not yet working out the kinks of that idea… haha, but it will happen when it happens.

Next update for the stories? The winners of the Love for 10969 1st Anniversary and the continuation of our international tour. Yeah, we’re also touring like OOR. We need people from South America though! Anyone!!?!?!

PS. Due to the debugging, some pages may not be available. Please be assured I’m working on it… sort of. Hahaha!


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