Heya everyone,

If you want me to feature your stories for the Fans on ONE OK ROCK: The Interviews, here are the ways you can join our fun!

  1. If you want a freeflowing story (like you tell your story at your own style), e-mail them at lovefor10969@gmail.com or send us a contact form below.
  2. If you want a personal touch and interview with yours truly or by Jillanie, set up an appointment through the contact form or drop us a line in the official fanpage (http://facebook.com/kazeshishou)
  3. If you want to just answer without much of a hassle and all that, click this URL (http://goo.gl/forms/J7BKMbxLYtC2gFe02) to join our madness.

Please remember that it may take a while for us to check all your answers and code it to the site since we have to read, organize and sort all of them based on your country of origin. If you sent us your answers in your native languages, we will take some time to translate them. We will include your original answers then provide the translation below.

We also ask you guys to include photos so you can give us a glimpse of your ONE OK ROCK fan experience and links to your websites if you want us to promote it!

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